Here are some of my metal sculptures. Click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase one of the pieces below. Do you have a question or would like to request a custom piece? Visit our Contact Page or speak to me directly at 360-697-5566.


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"Reaching Out"

15' Stainless steel sculpture

18" wide at base and turns on pivot point. Makes a very cool noise when turning.

Aprox 250 lbs (S-100)


"Reaching" 11' Tall Stainless Steel

& Granite Sculpture. When the wind

blows 15 to 20 mph, this piece begins turning

and makes the coolest noise. (S-101)




Stainless Steel/ Fused Glass Sculpture

"Fragile Emotion" (S-102)


"Copper Abstract Infant" (S-103)



"With Attitude"

8'x4'x1' stainless steel & bronze (S-104)

With a brisk breeze it will rotate making a very cool sound!


Large Copper Abstract

7' Patined Copper Sculpture (S-105)



"8th Note"

4' tall stainless steel (S-106)

Rotates on a base!



4' tall stainless w/ purple glass ball (S-107)

Rotates on a base!



"Geometric Nightmare"

24" tall stainless steel (S-108)

Rotates on a base!


"Small Copper Abstract"

3' tall Patined Copper Sculpture (S-109)

Rotates on a base!




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